Bagging lines

Packaging powdery products is an operation that requires specialized packaging technology. It involves a complex interplay: on the one hand it demands accuracy from the packaging system and a reliable packaging, and on the other there is the logistical performance and cost efficiency. Because of this complexity, our team of specialists focus on the development and production of customer-specific packaging solutions for producers of high-quality powders. It is thanks to this unique focus that we can now call ourselves the market leader. In fact, our AROVAC® technology is the only system in the world capable of vacuum packing powders with our bag filling machines. We make sure your powders maintain their high quality

ESSEGI is a leading company in developing and designing of vertical packaging systems, weighing systems and industrial automations for pellets, as well as a wide range of other products.

Over thirty years of experience have allowed ESSEGI to produce high-tech machines, as well to build a highly qualified and helpful sales network, always striving to provide targeted and effective industrial packaging solutions, in order to meet all packaging and automation needs / requirements.

Elocom is a pioneer in bagging and palletizing techniques in Spain and one of the main ones in Europe.

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