of pellets

Chemical properties of pellets

The ISO-standards 17225 also specifies the net calorific value and the chemical composition of wood pellets and gives a number of thresholds for certain elements that may not be exceeded. This provision mainly aims at impeding the use of recycled wood that is contaminated with different materials such as paint, glue, etc.


Net calorific value: 0 ≥ 4.6 Kwh/Kg

The process of pelletizing biomass overcomes both issues: the pelleting process must include a careful control of the humidity of used biomass. Too humid material needs to be dried before pelletizing as pellets otherwise fall apart. pellets have a very low humidity. The chemical composition is as Follows,

Nitrogen: £ 0,3%

Sulfur: £ 0,04%

Chlorine: £ 0,02%

Arsenic: £ 1 mg/kg

Cadmium: £ 0,5 mg/kg

Chromium: £ 10 mg/kg

Copper: £ 10 mg/kg

Quicksilver: £ 0,1 mg/kg

Nickel: £ 10 mg/kg

Zinc: £ 100 mg/kg

Chemical properties of pellets
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