Companies that supply drying systems

TSI builds machinery for the Wood Processing Industry. This includes Rotary Drum Dryers coupled with Heat Energy systems, Pollution Control equipment (collectively called the “Dryer Island”) and Finishing Lines for Wood Based Panel manufacturing. TSI also offers technology for Torrefaction (a method of heat-treating wood to enhance certain properties). Primary clients include manufacturers of OSB (oriented strand board), particle board, and wood pellets.

At STELA, we have developed the optimum drying technology for

  • Wood chips or OSB strands for chipboard production and in the wood pellet industry
  • Sugar beet pulp in the sugar industry
  • Cellulose and paper sludge for paper manufacturing

With our Belt dryers we can use waste heat from cogeneration plants for the drying. Our drying systems contribute a great deal to environmental protection and resource conservation. Perhaps not least for this reason, our pellet drying systems represent an important pillar of our entrepreneurial success over the past few years.

Büttner’s drying systems ensure that wood residues are dried efficiently with energy savings in mind and at the required moisture level before they are made into pellets. Büttner supplies both custom-made drying systems for pellet production and compatible energy systems to customers around the world and has decades of experience with technical innovation.

All biomass dryers are designed totally customised, bearing in mind the individual needs of each customer. We provide optimum premises both for reduced capacities (2t/h) as well as for large capacities (75 t/h)

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