Rinke Engineering GmbH is a German company acting in the biomass sector as consultant. Valued by customers for expertise in energy recovery and pellet production, as well as the knowledge and skills of our independent project managers, we offer a variety of services to large biomass heating and power plants, small decentralized biomass heating plants, and pellet and briquette production plants. Customers turn to us for project development, planning, and financing, as well as project supervision after plant commissioning.

We offer extensive services and advice related to pellet quality and the planning of pellet plants. Our speciality is the analysis of biomass feedstocks and biomass pellets. We are accredited for laboratory analysis of pellets and the conduct of ENplus audits and assist in all questions of pellet quality, safety, pellet storage and pellet production.

For more than 20 years we have been setting up complete wood pelletising systems in sizes ranging from 1 to 40 tons hourly demand. These systems can not only process sawmill residues, sawdust and wood chips, they can also handle energy woods such as softwood, short rotation wood, etc. Biomass such as straw, corncobs, fruit skins can also be pelletised.
Our services include consulting, planning and construction as well as the manufacture, installation and care and servicing of the system.

In addition to systems for pellet production, we also offer pellet storage and loading technologies. If desired by the customer, we can also install full turn-key systems. Our compact pellet mill is a standardized unit including all process steps in a few standard containers.

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