Pellet quality

Pellet quality certification

For pellets designated for use in domestic appliances in Europe pellet quality certification is indispensable. Pellet quality certification makes sure that the pellet producer is applying all quality management procedures necessary to ensure that all pellets he is delivering comply with a the agreed quality standard.

In order to receive certification once a year an auditor visits the production plant and checks, if all necessary measures are in place to secure pellet quality. Such measures include ensuring that raw material is not contaminated with dirt or other substances. The pellet producer is required to check the physical properties of pellets regularly in a small laboratory. There are also a number of requirements regarding the documentation of different processes to ensure consistent quality. The quality certification system that is generally  used in Europe is called EN plus. This system is managed by the European Pellet Council, an umbrella organization made up of about 20 national pellet industry associations. 

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