Silos and Conveyors

At ABS, we pride ourselves on producing a variety of silo variants that offer our customers endless possibilities for storing their bulk goods. Since 1984 ABS has taken a leading position in the international market for flexible silos for agriculture , industry and wood pellets . We achieved this because our silos are made from  high-tenacity Dura fiber yarns We use these extremely strong and durable yarns to manufacture your silos with a lifespan of decades. This enables you to plan reliably for the future.

We are specialist in quality storage solutions. Our wide product range contains square silos in galvanized or stainless steel for indoor and outdoor use, transport equipment and accessories. Our modular system allows us to customize each project and almost always deliver a 100% solution adapted to your needs and requirements.
All projects are handled either in standard or special programs, depending on your specific requirements, with the only purpose to deliver an optimum and extensively tested solution for your project.

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